Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finally Here

So this moment in my life that I have been waiting for, for so long, is finally here! I AM ENGAGED! And I am still in so much shock! But I don't understand why. I want to be able to enjoy this time planning my wedding, but it's kind of hard while I'm still trying to grasp the fact that I am getting married. HA! I love saying that, though. I'm getting married. Not only that, but I'm getting married to the most amazing man that God could have ever blessed me with. It's only been 3 days, but he is already the perfect fiance'. I didn't have any doubts though. He was a great boyfriend too!

He completely shocked me though. Two days before he proposed, we were talking about when we were going to get engaged. He told me that it probably wasn't going to be for another couple months, his excuse being that he needed to wait for mowing season to slow down so he could go get the ring. And that's another thing. He had also been telling me that he didn't have the ring yet. The day that he proposed, even though he told me that we still had a couple months, I was just thinking that maybe that day would have been the day. But, then he picked me up to go out on the boat, and he said that two of his friends were going with us, and that thought of possibly getting engaged that day was completely shattered and I didn't think about it again. Conveniently 15 minutes after he picked me up, his friends called and said that they "couldn't make it", which was all apparently part of the plan. I just didn't know that. So, now out on the boat, he gets my fishing line ready (I'm good with putting worms on a hook, and taking fish off of the hook, but he got minnows for bait, and for some reason I can't put those on a hook) and I start fishing. He had gotten his line ready and was fishing too. A few minutes later he told me that he was going to try fishing from the front of the boat and that he was going to try using a lighter weight (It's not a big boat, but the front was covered by the console, so I couldn't see what he was doing and assumed he was just putting more bait on his hook). He put his line back in the water and then came back to the middle of the boat with me and started working on another pole that he had brought. About ten minutes later, he asked me to go check his other line (since I wasn't catching anything). I started reeling it in. As soon as I reeled the hook in I noticed a very odd looking lure. It was round and shiny. ;-) I turned to ask my darling boyfriend at the time what it was, but as soon as I turned around I noticed that he was right next to me, on one knee. He said, "Haleigh, will you marry me?" I knew this was the real thing because his voice was shaky and I could tell that he was nervous. But still, the first thing that I said was, "Are you serious?" That's all I could say because I was so shocked. He laughed and said, "Yes." And then kissed me. And then I said, "Yes, absolutely." I didn't cry. I had always told myself that I would probably cry, just because I had been waiting so long. I didn't though, because I was so shocked. I did tear up a little bit though.

The next 30 minutes was filled with me asking him questions, like when did he have the time to go buy the ring. He has two jobs and is going to school full time. He told me that he had actually bought the ring in January when he went with my new brother-in-law to help pick out my sister's ring. There were also people we needed to call (most of the people I called had apparently known for a while that I was getting engaged that day). After we got back on to dry land he told me that we were going out for dinner and then heading to his parents house for a mini engagement party with our immediate family and close friends. It was overall one of the best days of my life (that is until our wedding day). And he has made me the happiest girl ever.