Sunday, June 12, 2011

True Love

This post is in response to all the posts about what people on XANGA think love really is.
What is love? A lot of people say that it's a feeling, and that is partly true. A lot of people say it's a learning experience, and that's true too, but what a lot of people are missing is a really huge chunk of what love truly is. Yes, love is a learning experience. You learn about yourself, you SO, etc. Yes, it can come with butterflies (depending on the person), and it will most likely come with the mushy, gushy, puppy love feeling for a while (depending on the couple). But, love is an action. That's the part that a lot of people miss. And along with being an action, love is a choice. It may be a subconscious choice, it may be an actual thought out choice.
For me in the beginning it was a subconscious choice. I was in another relationship, but for some reason I just kept thinking about this other guy. There was something about him that just kept puling me back to him, and in the end I chose to end the relationship I was in (not for the other guy, but because we were going in two completely different directions, we didn't have the same values and beliefs about some very important things, and I honestly think I would have done some things that I would have regretted had I stayed with him). Then this other guy and I started talking more, online, on the phone, in person. We just couldn't stay away from each other. He asked me out (about two months after I ended my previous relationship) for our first date and I was absolutely ecstatic and completely in love with someone I had been talking to for not that long. He felt the exact same way. But now (2 and a half years later) I'm still completely in love with him, I don't think I can change that. And I love him because I want to love him, and because I know he is the man that God picked specifically for me before I was even born or thought about. Yes it gets hard sometimes, but does that give me a reason to give up on him? Absolutely not! Why should I be the one to mess with God's Will for my life? Yes it's my life, but it's the life that God gave me.
This is a really short post, but I think it really encompasses what love really is (from what I've learned in life and from God). And once you've found that man that you're going to marry and love for the rest of your life (sorry this is for wives only. I haven't written a post about Husbands, mainly because I don't think it's my place.) I really encourage you to read my post about how to be a wonderful wife to your husband.